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Strain: Meyer Lemons

Parentage: Irene Alien Dawg x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Lineage: Indica Dominant

Feminized/Regular: REGULAR

Description: We selected a big yielding Irene Alien Dawg that captivated us with its seductive floral fragrance and paired her with the lemony dessert terps of Joe’s Lemonade. Unbelievable distinctive smells and flavors—you have to try it to believe it.

REC OPC Seed- Meyer Lemons (DarkHorse Genetics)

  • OPC Seed is loose stock sold by the seed.  Packaged on order for your colorado REC OPC.  Starting seed is a great way to keep your garden clean, and healthy!  Seed vigor far outweighs old clones, giving you quicker, stronger, larger yeilding plants. Most importantly starting seed gives you the oppertunity to discover your very own unique flavors for your customers.  The best way to make your dispensary or grow stand out is to have special cultivars that can only be supplied by you or your store.  All great clone only strains started as a seed.... Start your search today

  • This is a REGULAR seed varitey..  99% of Darkhorse Genetics seed is regular seed (males will be present).  We prefer to work with regular seed for stability and true breeding progression working the lines deeper.  Fem seed is produced through stress and plant manipulation that tends to lead to unstable offspring.  While fems have their place in commercial growing we aim to send your customers home with a good stable seed that can be grown for decades without worry.