Strain Catalogue


303 Stooges. [coming soon]

Super Slutty Hayes. [coming soon]

Facemelt. This just shows how much love we have for Archive and Rare Dankness. The face off is real deal heat and the pheno we found needed to be worked more so I tried to keep it stable with a hint of purp. Just about melt your face ridiculous potency.

King Banner. King Louie OG is FIRE if you don't know, now you do... Prob my two favorite strains combined to bring ultimate kushyness and potency together. This one is a HEAVY hitter couch lock is coming your way, greate medicinal strain for pain, or sleep issues. Heavy Yields and High THC this one will push for record THC.

Bruce Banner 1.0. [coming soon]

Bruce Banner 2.0. [coming soon]

Bruce Banner 3.0. [coming soon]

Clown Shoes OG. This strain is one that I made without thinking I'm in love with the gobbstopper flavor but need more couch lock and potency so I hit her to the Grimace to keep the purp flavor rolling while adding a kick to the high.. One of my new All Time Favs..

Banner's Revenge. Urkle, Face Off and Banner three of the most hyped strains of the decade... Should find a variety of Purps, OG, and Strawberry Phenos in this F1 mix.. = purple strawberry banner. Big yields and record THC.

Dark Gamma Kush aka Zero Dark 30. This strain is about potency, and deep narcotic stone that leaves you sunk in the couch... lower yields higher medicinal quality. Trichs to leaf ratio is amazing this a great extract strain.

LA Sunshine. This strain was named by Tommy Chong and Cheech. We took Jaws dark matter f2 and crossed it with the powerful Bruce Banner #3. Expect spicy hints flavor packed candy aftertastes. Very potent and easy to grow hybrid.

Suzy Q OG. Named for Rocky Marciano and his overhand right "Suzy-Q". Prob the most devastating punch ever. Fitting for this strain as its a knock out. Using Scott's OG to dust my most potent OG we were looking for that goodnight weed and got it. Don't Have any plans if you have a date with Suzy-Q you prob wont make it..

Cherry Wonka. Heavenly Terps are bound to be found in this cross. Love the under tones that the gobstopper has so we spiced it up with some straight candy on the Juliet 3.

Joe Fixit. Lemon Catpiss hit with our Bruce Banner BX2. Lemon Catpiss is an amazing yielder, especially for a strong sativa. We kept her for her awesome citrus reek and had to let the Banner throw some pollen on her. As we expected, our hardest sativa crossed with our legendary powerful indicia created a well balanced hard-hitting strain.

Amadeus Cho. My 2 favorite strains come together creating my holy grail. We paired our Darkhorse OG with our Bruce Banner to push the 30% THC boundary. IT's an amazing strain for sleep, pain or nausea, and a great yielding, easy to grow OG with a Cup-winning pedigree.

Hulk 2099. The Bruce Banner, in a variant seed form. This is our legendary Bruce Banner #3 incrossed to create a very high THC seedline. Strawberry Kush flavor, big yields, and record high THC levels – what’s not to love?

Ghost Hulk. The legendary funk of Ghost OG blended with Bruce Banner. When the biggest yielding OG meets the highest THC strain, it means the strongest OG flavor you can get. Strong Flavor, and extremely potent. Petrol, Kushy, Dank, Strawberry flavors in every pack.

Maestro. Girl Scout Cookies meets Bruce Banner. Two of the most exciting strains of the decade cross in a pairing that brings out very strong aroma and super high resin production, taller plants with longer internode length from the cookies, with stunning nuggets for skilled growers.

Doc Samson. Classic Chem 4 meets Bruce Banner to create biggest yielding Banner plants you can get, with an amazing chem flavor that
pairs nicely with the strawberry kush of Bruce Banner. Big yields, big plants, big flowers, big time potency.

Rick Jones. 92 OG meets Bruce Banner in a recreation of sorts. The 92 OG is considered by most to be the original OG Kush, and was the original mother used to make the Bruce Banner. We back crossed the Bruce Banner line to the female parental line, creating something very Similar to the Original Bruce Banner. You should see several Strawberry Kush flavored phenotypes that make for world class flowers. This very Limited Edition cross is a time capsule for those who want to go back to the beginning.

Tyrone Cash. The Glass Slipper clone only is a resinous sativa dominant yielder, and we decided to use her to take the couchlock out of the Bruce Banner line. The resinous Cinderella
99 cross adds some sativa influence and increases yield, resutling in our biggest yielding Bruce Banner hybrid, without the sedative potency of the other lines. Expect smaller plants with longer internode spacing and high resin content.

Joe's Lemonade F1. This cross was created to preserve this special strain in seed form for our private collection. Expect super Lemon phenos ranging from lemon trees to country time lemonade powder. 

Tiki Drink. Sour Sunset is a big yielder of Sour Diesellike flavors with a tropical spin. We increased the resin production and added some lemon in the line, resulting in moth puckering flavors with fat yields.

Orange Blossom Fizz. Orange Mint is the perfect balance between orange and Girl Scout Cookies. We crossed in our Joe’s Lemonade to boost the resin production and discovered that this strain is a Dark Horse favorite. A few different phenotypes will be found ranging from lemon to orange flavors.

Lemon Drops. Our Cookies and Cream selection is a stellar plant with dazzling resin coverage. We crossed in our Joe’s Lemonade to bring some lemon terpenes to the mix. The result was taller plants with very unique flavors ranging from lemon pine to a Durban Poison-esque musk.

Double Lemon Pie. No lemon collection could be complete without a double lemon cross! We selected an exceptionally tart lemon smelling phenotype of Lemon Meringue to pollinate with our Joe’s Lemonade male to bring out the super lemons. Phenomenal lemon phenos across the range of lemon scents, making one of the top concentrate strains of the year.

Chem Lem. Our Chem 4 clone-only is a legendary yielder with proven killer gassy aromas. We doubled down on yield and flavor by
crossing in our Lemon line, and the Chem Lem quickly became a staff and customer favorite, and top seller. Great uniform strain with huge yields of gassy lemon flavors and renewed vigor.

Original Bruce Banner. This is the original cross that created Bruce Banner. Same female. Same male. The outstanding BB3 and BB5 phenos were found in less than a dozen of these seeds. Now these legendary seeds are finally unleashed en masse to the public. Expect outstanding flavor and unrivaled potency and resin production. 

Strawberry Glue. The true original Gorilla Glue #4 has quickly become the most searched strain onWeedmaps and Leafly. It's known for extreme THC levels, high yielding concentrates, and a chemical/tennis ball funk. We reintroduced more Diesel genetics into the line and added a twist of
strawberries to create this utterly phenomenal cross in partnership with the original creators of Gorilla Glue #4, Josey Wales and Lone Watty.

Hulk Smash. Bruce Banner 3 was our originally released "World's Strongest Strain" - showering her with the pollen from the original Strawberry Diesel male we used to creat her yields this super potent, BIG yielding Strawberry Kushy backcross. Expect phenos with everything from diesel to kush funk with berry sweetness on the exhale and extreme resin production.

Gamma Berry. The Bruce Banner #5 is the more closely held Strawberry pheno of Bruce Banner. Just a few percentage points less potent than her BB3 sister, Bruce Banner 5 shines with an unmistakable sour strawberry jam aroma. We crossed her with the Strawberry Diesel male used to impart her phenomenal flavor to create a heavy yielding strawberry strain with boosted

Strawberry Shortcake. Our Juliet #3 has been a reliable yielder and a top-notch extraction strain since we introduced her in 2009. This cross blends Juliet's range of scintillating sweet flavors and smells with the heirloom Strawberry
Diesel male. With everything from bubblegum-scented Jolly Ranchers to old funky cotton candy meeting with fresh strawberries and rank fuel in this cross, all we can say is, "Welcome to Flavortown."

Chem Berry D. Our tightly-held Chem cut is a proven yielder and funk factory. Considering the
Strawberry Diesel male's roots in the Chem genetic pool, we had to create this cross to perpetuate the selection of super potent fuel flavors with a unique twist. The perfect complement to the Original Bruce Banner, with the East Coast classic Chem standing in for the West Coast OG Kush.

Strawberry Diesel F2. A limited release reproduction of a classic. That means a healthy dose of Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough, and even the unexpressed traits from their parental
lines. If you're looking for a unique signature strain, start here.