Strain: Lemon Jedi
Parentage: Obi Wan OG x Joe’s Lemonade
Description: A slightly citrus, funkier heavy yielding OG kush variety. Tight internodes and lots, and lots of resin for amazing bag appeal and a smell that jumps out of the jar.
Strain: Cry Baby
Parentage: Sour Diesel x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 70 Day
Lineage: Hybrid
Status: Active
Description: The Sour Diesel clone-only is a legend, and we paired it with our Lemon male to create this heavy hitting stinker that’ll make your eyes water. Top-notch extract yields and flavors.
Strain: Orange Blossom Fizz
Parentage: Orange Mint x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 70 Days
Lineage: Sativa Hybrid
Status: Active
Description: Orange Mint is a sweet and creamy balance between classic Cali O and Girl Scout Cookies with a flavor like orange sherbet. We switched the flavor profile up with the lemon line to create more resin and discovered a new Dark Horse favorite.
Strain: Tiki Drink
Parentage: Sour Sunset x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Lineage: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Status: Active
Description: Tastes like a tropical cocktail! Sour Sunset brings great tropical flavors to the line, and in 50/50 phenos, there’s a perfect balance of sweet lemon. Lots of bag appeal and reliable yields with sweet, potent flowers.
Strain: Meyer Lemons
Parentage: Irene Alien Dawg x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 60 Days
Lineage: Indica Dominant
Status: Active
Description: We selected a big yielding Irene Alien Dawg that captivated us with its seductive floral fragrance and paired her with the lemony dessert terps of Joe’s Lemonade. Unbelievable distinctive smells and flavors—you have to try it to believe it.
Strain: Double Lemon Pie
Parentage: Lemon Meringue x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Status: Active
Description: This one was a natural pairing—heavier yielding flowers from across the lemon spectrum from sweet to sour. Stunning bag appeal and impressive hash yields – don’t miss the chance to add the ultimate lemon flavors to your lineup.
Strain: Vitamin C
Parentage: Quinn n Tonic x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 65 Day 
Lineage: Hybrid
Status: Active
Description: Harlequin x Cannatonic with solid yields and a great cherry flavor. We’ve been inspired to mix up the flavor palette of this rare selection since she came into our hands. Adding the Joe’s Lemonade male to the mix accomplished our goals. Expect unique varieties with potential CBD phenos.
Strain: Sour Lemons
Parentage: Sour Pez x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Description: Sour Pez is known for a structure and a yield that growers love with some sweet pink grapefruit in its terp profile. The Joe’s Lemonade male maxes out the yield and coats it in resin to deliver everything from piney floor cleaner to grapefruit sorbet.
Strain: Sunny D
Parentage: Orange Dot x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 70 Days
Lineage: Hybrid
Status: Active
Description: Delicious sweet valencia orange meets powdered sugar lemonade in this lip smacking flavor delight! Tall big-yielding plants, with mouthwatering citrus flavors that jump out the jar and across the room
Strain: Chem Lem
Parentage: Chem x Joe’s Lemonade
Description: The DHG Chem is a time-honored cornerstone of our garden with unmistakable Chemdog funk and reliable yields of flower and concentrates. Bringing the Joe’s Lemonade male to her renewed her vigor twisted up the sharp sour flavors it produces. A new favorite in our stable.
Strain: Joe’s Lemonade F2
Parentage: Joe’s Lemonade x Joe’s Lemonade
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Description: Joe’s Lemonade is so special for us that we had to produce F2s to keep exploring the lineage. This second generation will unfold the parentage, revealing the Alien Kush heritage along with the skunky lemon tones from the parental female. If you’re looking to do some pheno hunting for something truly one-of-a-kind, this seed is for you.