Breeding Trust Since 2008

Breeding Trust Since 2008

Darkhorse Genetics was founded in 2008, with the public release of our first creation, Bruce Banner. We were excited to share our tastes with the world, and we were blown away by the reception we received.

We've made it our mission to bring connoisseur quality to growers around the world by creating varieties that stand out from the crowd.

Bringing Connoisseur Quality To Growers Around The World

In 2017, Darkhorse opened its first licensed facility in Denver, Colorado—a purpose-built facility designed for breeding, pheno hunting, and seed production. We've partnered with the most acclaimed underground breeders to bring their legendary creations to the legal Colorado marijuana market.

Our European division produces seed for distribution to international markets throughout Europe and Asia, working to bring the very best directly to growers.



The Dark Horse team opens Delta 9 Alternative Medicine on Broadway in Denver



2009 gives it's first ever A+ rating to Bruce Banner #3 from Delta 9



High Times names Bruce Banner #3 the "most potent strain ever tested in the history of [the] Cannabis Cup"




Complex Magazine names Bruce Banner in its Guide to the Best Weed Strains Available Right Now
- Dark Horse Genetics is founded in Colorado



Dark Horse Genetics Los Angeles dispensary opens its doors





Dark Horse Colorado releases the Lemon Collection


- Dark Horse Colorado releases the Strawberry Collection, including the Original Bruce Banner seed line

- Dark Horse Colorado launches its Authorized Classics line alongside THSeeds to licensed Colorado recreational dispensaries, bringing Bubblegum, MK-Ultra, S.A.G.E. and other classic seeds in partnership with their original creator.

- Dark Horse Europe releases Authorized Gorilla Glue #4 seeds in partnership with the original creators, Josey Whales and Lone Watty. The release sells out in under
one hour.